The firm “Teleoptik gas equipment” Ltd. was founded in 1922 in Zemun, as the company for producing the telephone, optic and precise mechanic equipment. Over the years the company developed a wide production range. Among different accessories the production of gas equipment for gas welding and cutting was included. Production of the gas welding and cutting equipment had become a fundamental activity of our company. Nowadays, TELEOPTIK is esteemed leader in producing gas equipment on the whole, in this part of Europe. Owing to the long tradition, good quality and both human and technological resources, our equipment has been proved as the most reliable in all exploitation conditions and has been used in many private and state enterprises. Our production processes comply with ISO standards and products are tested by the reliable institutions. Constant checking during the production process as well as the final tests guarantee high quality of our products. Users of our equipment are all branches of industries and above all shipbuilders, miners, railroad enterprises, construction building firms and forgeries as well as all other branches with maintenance services. Our main target includes constant development in cutting and welding technologies, adaptable to the modern market demands as well as implementation of innovative solutions for our production processes.

Teleoptik gas equipment is the member of Vojvodina Metal Cluster since the 1st of December 2014. For more details go to